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Hi there,

This journal is somewhat particular in that not only is it the formal debut of a long running concept, but also the advent of a new feature which I hope to expand in the future. In this, we find not only the principal debut of "Jekyll's Jade" but also of a pen portrait selection I like to call "Myriad Portraits".

Jekyll's Jade

Official JJ Logo 3 by Mercury-Pentacle

In the first, it's my pleasure to present the premier of "Jekyll's Jade" - another and different tale of Jekyll and Hyde which spruces the classic tale of Victorian London and duality with a new dimensions. The culmination of some years planning and various efforts, this project was brought forward as a collaboration between myself and a remarkable fan of the concept in :icongeviene81: , the Italian Geviene81. After many an hour of discussion and work, we have finally brought this forward and the first two portions of the story - so divided into caches of five - can be found below with the new feature of "Myriad Portraits": an introduction to the characters of Jessica Jekyll and the petite Yuuki Hyde can as the first portraits in my new journal feature.

Jekyll's Jade is a creative effort which has found singular expression between myself and Geviene81; a process which will see us posting alternating caches of chapters, as can be found further below. In this respect, and considering the the linguistic and cultural traditions that have come together to create this series, I would ask that readers keep an open mind regarding the flow and composition in some ways as Geviene81 is an Italian speaker, and with English as his second language. In effect, considering the context of the story and the different perceptions it evoked between us, some expressions may seem particular, but not beyond understanding.

With these factors in mind, we both hope that readers will find the singular efforts to be interesting and compelling too.

Myriad Portraits

Considering now, I would like to ruminate on a new idea I have been nursing for a while: in fact, a new feature which I think will afford a little more spice to my page during more quiet periods.

Coming from a particular, somewhat niche though always diverse and thoroughly eclectic community on dA, and elsewhere, I have been musing on the remarkable number of artists, writers and creators that this community affords. In all, an institution which has a remarkable capacity for creativity and expression, and often reaching far into new, unexpected vistas. Considering this, it occurs that this tendency is so often expressed in new worlds, but also in rich and remarkable characters which catch the eye and the mind keenly. This has been a fact for some years and I was musing on the notion of perhaps affording some time and space to exploring such individuals as who and what they are.

Also, I will say that some characters can have varied origins; their existence part of an original idea, a fan character related to a franchise or more varied beginnings, but all kinds can be and, perhaps will be, considered here, come the time.

To this end, I would like to proffer the, hopefully, first "Myriad Portraits" feature which will explore a brief cache of individuals, hoping to paint a portrait of them for the reader. This feature, I must hasten to add, may be irregular and the number of characters featured may vary from many to few. But, I do hope that it introduces some remarkable, eclectic individuals to consider for a curious audience.

The first gallery can be found below, for consideration.

Jessica Jekyll & Yuuki Hyde

The story of Jessica Jekyll and Yuuki Hyde is a long and circuitous one. In essence born from the BEA - a mature, choose your own adventure story site - the idea took deeper root with myself; sentiments echoed particularly when one Geviene81 voiced interest in pursuing a fuller, more realized vision of this world. From those initially tentative, slow efforts, the story of "Jekyll's Jade" began.

Jessica Jekyll is a London heiress at the height of the Victorian era; the last years of the 19th century as medical and experimental science is swept ever further ahead by new advances. But, this groomed lady has a secret of sorts; one fanned into bright flame by her own audacious yearnings in experimental science. A shocking discovery one night brings forth another Jessica - one so different as to be almost alien to the original woman she once was, and yet this too is her shadow. Jade eyed, petite, capricious and zestful, but darkly drawn and potent too, the Asiatic woman soon takes the name of Yuuki Hyde as her strange adventures begin, as can be found above and here below.

Jekyll's Jade Chapters one to five are here Jekyll's Jade (Chp 1 - 5),  and chapters six to ten are coming very soon; the collaborations of myself and :icongeviene81:. The prologues can be found below too, contributed by both writers.

I must indicate that though it was our original intention to upload the set of ten in two parts simultaneously, personal circumstances have hampered my partner's efforts - though chapters 6-10 are compete - thus only the first five will appear initially; this will be further expanded when he consents to proceeding further, which I think will be fairly soon.

Jekyll's Jade - A Quaint Overture
Jekyll’s Jade
Devices Unbecoming
It had been that autumn when London had become a world of wet, mingled grays beneath grim skies; what little color there remained withering into fond memory or lingering upon the canvas of the artist determined to capture rolling blue, nodding greens and brighter seasons.
It was, too, the autumn when one Jessica Jekyll had taken to curiosity; at first distant, brief whims before more assembled thoughts led the way to the looming neighborhood of tall shelves and the aged tomes upon them. Firm fingers and firming will grasping the faded leather in search of answers to half formed, gestating questions.
Jessica Jekyll, blue eyed beneath blonde and good statured, mused and let her thoughts wander in new, odd directions; the stiff glide of her pen upon the paper and Earl Grey tending her lips as she entertained w
  Jekyll's Jade - A Quaint Overture Teaser #2
Jekyll's Jade – teaser 2 –
Jade eyes emerged from the dim light, in a world formerly small, that has reshaped into big.
But it was useless to ignore… the whole thing has changed or rather she has changed.                        
A new dimension firstly only vaguely whispered by the arcane tomes and echoed in her languid dreams, but repressed and never confessed, or better only transmigrated by the conscience when she was sleeping. But now the ultimate victory –the supreme truth – has transfixed into flesh…and what a flesh!
Jade eyes peered to the cold surface of the oval mirror, posing a new hand on the reflection and the wonder – no, the confirm – of her secret knowledge grew little by little in a stifled then soft silver hearted laugh.
Her other blonde, boring self has even dared to choke the symptom of the change, but as soon as her legs has fallen the balance and Jessica

Dr. Jessica Jekyll Commission by egnigar Yuuki Hyde...revealed by geviene81 Jekyll's Jade, Hyde's Shade by geviene81 FSK 2-3-- Yuuki Mini TF by ProjectQK  

Eli - Secratary & Kitty Hulk

Springing from the imagination of the prolific, famed :iconjollyjack:, Eli has come to quite literally stand tall among her fans online.

Her story yet to fully begin to unfold in the pages of JollyJacks's comic series in "Little Victory", Eli emerged into her fame when one fateful night her pet, a cat by the name of Mister Mittens, brought a mysterious envelope; its contents a letter from her boyfriend and a pair of seemingly innocent panties. Donning them with the slightest of apprehensions, Eli soon undergoes a stunning transformation: the petite woman distending and growing into a hulking, ebony furred cat girl once the magical panties have worked their power on her.

Panther Panties - Part 0 by jollyjack

The metamorphosis complete, Eli quickly and eagerly embraces her "Kitty Hulk" side through the magical underwear - the so called "Panther Panties" - before tentatively embarking on a heroic career about her city; tending her dual natures about the office and fabric shearing, hulking feline exploits. Though her adventures in this nascent duality and super heroics have not been without some mishaps, Eli has certainly left quite an impression: an impression that certainly looks to deepen with time as her presence only grows.

 Tiny Head Defeat by jollyjack Elli 2010-07-31 by jollyjack Thigh Crush by jollyjack Arrest that kitty by jollyjack

Natasha Zander Xeno Girl 

The story of Natasha Zander, a seemingly ordinary high school teen from NYC, takes an astonishing turn one night when she fatefully witnesses an object crash land in a remote corner of Central Park, Manhattan. Venturing closer, her curiosity is rewarded when a silvery mass emerges from the crash site and, incredulously, merges as it forms a black form about her; Natasha not yet wholly appreciating the symbiosis before a strange new life begins to unfold.

Donning Night Wear by general-sci

If you has ever mused on what it would be like to wield the instincts and powers of an Alien race, then the once reserved and composed Natasha becomes an apt student of the dreaded Xenomorph. Manifesting a suit in the likeness of that species, she soon finds the world opening to her as never before; powerful, bold new vistas which leads her to take up the growing persona of an alter-ego in Xeno Girl. Her forays clad in the form of the Xenomorph evolving into heroics, Natasha soon finds a new duality in herself as the life and nature so furtively cultivated as her alter-ego is not so easily retired; so impelled by the suit and what it evokes in her, it becomes a question as to which nature is stronger - the human, retiring Natasha or the alien mingled and dauntless Xeno Girl...

Request - Hissss... by DaErkka

The keen personal project of :icontristanthejawsfan: Natasha and her lithe, fanged alter-ego in Xeno Girl have cultivated quite a following; her creator having so invested in penning her own series too in "Xeno Girl" - a series celebrating its first anniversary this October, and in its eighth chapter and finale, though the writer strongly suggests that Natasha's story - human or not - is far from over. They have also entertained aspirations of mainstreaming the concept and I would attest it would be interesting to see Natasha more widely realized, if such a time should ever come to see this fascinating character further afield.

 XenoGirl Request by FenRox XenoGirl by Chronorin  Just hanging around.. by BehelzemontNatasha's Secret by AraghenXD

Stephanie & Jezebel

Conflations and cycles, light and shadow. Many have a particular and rugged experience of this dichotomy in their own nature, though in a girl named Stephanie the talented, prolific :iconstrangerataru: has conceived a ironic, dynamic story to tell. Reserved, proper and composed, Stephanie draws much from her religious upbringing and harbors much aspiration too, though all is not as it would seem. Troubled by self confessed improper thoughts and yearning for purity, a chance meeting with the diminutive, demonic Nero results in a bargain most peculiar: something both would emerge from in a new, strange relationship...

Mystery Girl Steph - Hinomars19/SephZero by Strangerataru

Nero, working a bargain, inspires Stephanie to offer up her darker side for the little demon to absorb. But, as it would be, this essence is not so much assimilated but divorced from its origin. When he bites her in turn, that dark essence is returned to her, flipping her singular nature into its shadowed opposite. Stephanie undergoing a remarkable, dark transformation, Nero experiences his own change into the more benign identity known as Bianco; a purer side to himself which looks to - in a flip of irony - contain the hedonistic, sensual excess of the transformed Stephanie: a new, dark and very disinhibited alter-ego who takes up the name of Jezebel. Once Jezebel has had her fun or the time demands, a bite will see Jezebel fade back to Stephanie, while Bianco is once again invested with Stephanie's darker side, thus restoring Nero.

Jezebel, Embodiment of Sin - Hinomars19 by Strangerataru

Their's is a remarakble relationship; a sometimes fractious, strange cycle of light and dark, release and restraint while both seek a elusive equilibrium. It remains to be seen what odd exploits await this particular duo - wither as themselves, or their dichotomous alter-egos - though it could certainly be intriguing as to what path they discover in and of themselves as they go along. 

The intriguing tale of how a girl such as Stephanie would encounter Nero, and the subsequent transformation of body and soul, can be found below, along with a few further explorations of their seemingly unique relationship.

   SFM - 39(The screen comes on to what appears to be a "blue screen", but slowly rising are two images: a view of the skyline of Philadelphia, and it's mirror reflection emerging from below as if seen from under the Delaware River as words appears alongside it which spells out "STRANGERATARU".  As it is, a formal British music such as one used for Thames Television plays.  We hear words in the background in a British dialect)
Formal voice: Previously on "Fan Mail for the Stranger", we had some very strange things.  Such as things that looked like this:
(The camera cuts to what looks like a black-and-white image of a windswept plain, with either sand or snow blowing around in every which direction and an oversaturation of black and white.  We suddenly see half of the head of what appears to be Tomoko staring at us as she speaks, in Japanese but with Russian subtitles)
Tomoko: (What is man's meaning?  What is man's purpose?)
(The next shot shows blades of grass appeared to
  Monster Mash 2014 - PSA 01 - Viroveteruscy by SephzeroMonster Mash 2014 - PSA 02 - Viroveteruscy by SephzeroMonster Mash 2014 - PSA 03 - Viroveteruscy by Sephzero  Three's a Crowd! Birthday Surprise!Written by Sephzero; Directed by Arthur Megapode’s Flying Circus

Featuring Julie Hopkins, Quinn Daniel, and Stephanie 
    There was only silence at first and darkness. Blackness all around that made it impossible to see anything at all.  Slowly a faint tune could be heard. It had no singular source but almost seemed to come from all around. The tune rose in pitch until it was a full instrumental ensemble amidst the darkness.
    Almost on cue lights appear piercing the darkness back. Three spotlights shone out from the darkness centered on a single individual standing at the center of their illumination. He was an odd fellow dressed in a Big Top outfit with his head bowed and hands resting on the top of a cane.
    Raising his head up, he gave a smile that came off far too wide for his face. In his eyes there was life and something equally stranger.

There concludes our update, and I hope that it proves compelling for readers, and fruitful for the characters and their creators so highlighted.

Thanks again,



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