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Hi there,

As always, I hope that you are all well and that the summer seasons have been at least bearable for you, where you are. Where I am the summer months have been a mixed, but interesting bag: sometimes all too warm, sometimes refreshing though relatively busy, here and there over the last two months or so. As a good many of my projects are coming along and I have a period relatively unoccupied by a particular event or fixture, I would like to promote a feature which I introduced known as "Myriad Portraits". A relatively new exhibition concept, this proffers a selection of characters and concepts which I have come to know, have experienced or cultivate my interests here on dA, as created by other members.

For those curious, the debut of this concept and the first selection can be found below in the link for the relevant journal, from October of 2014.

Jekyll's Jade and a New Feature: Myriad PortraitsHi there,
This journal is somewhat particular in that not only is it the formal debut of a long running concept, but also the advent of a new feature which I hope to expand in the future. In this, we find not only the principal debut of "Jekyll's Jade" but also of a pen portrait selection I like to call "Myriad Portraits".
Update (28/10/2014): Please check out the Myriad Portraits "Jessica/Yuuki" section for new story installments - Jekyll's Jade Chapters 6-10.
Jekyll's Jade

In the first, it's my pleasure to present the premier of "Jekyll's Jade" - another and different tale of Jekyll and Hyde which spruces the classic tale of Victorian London and duality with a new dimensions. The culmination of some years planning and various efforts, this project was brought forward as a collaboration between myself and a remarkable fan of the concept in :icongevien

Proceeding onward now, please find below a new selection of characters - eight in all on this occasion - which have caught my eye and curiosity, either recently or over the years of my presence here.

Regina Cain & Frenzy

It would perhaps be an understatement to suggest that Marvel's symbiotes - debuting with Eddie Brock's transformation into Venom - have left a rich and remarkable legacy where characters of divided or dual identity are concerned; more so, the salience of transformation and how the symbiote works to reflect the nature of its host, given their circumstances. In this vein we find the story of one Regina Cain and Frenzy, as envisioned by :iconbiscuitdude: .

Frenzy by AraghenXD Frenzy Bio: Regina Cain by BiscuitDude

Regina's story one of tribulation and grievance, her brother's concern led to a new life in New York City, though what would ultimately unfold would bring her a new life far beyond what she could have imagined. Her bonding creating the singular identity of Frenzy, Regina has found a voice for that powerful, often ruthless nature - though it remains to haunt as to which side of her ultimately has primacy. Still, despite these often benighted feelings and fears, their relationship is not beyond its moments of brevity... 

A vivid, and richly realized duo, they have very much made a place and voice for themselves among the associated fandom. More so, I will be interested to see which path they may tread in the future, as the case may be...

Frenzy transformation by cric Frenzied Nightmare - Page 1 by Ganassa Frenzied Nightmare - Page 2 by Ganassa Regina's New Dress by AraghenXD

Nathandra Barrlurd, the Drowess

Nathandra Barrlurd's place here is very much a pleasure, and affords some vindication to a curiosity which I have had for some years, almost as long as my membership on dA. First encountering the talented :iconmasterokiakai: character as the seemingly nameless, but compelling, Drowess around 2009, I was and remained intrigued with this mysterious and powerful being for some time and did enjoy her art, when and where she emerged. 

FA  Wagner Drow by MasterOkiAkai 

Mature Content

C  Drowess by JC by MasterOkiAkai
 Commission from DarkWyn by MasterOkiAkai

It was only recently that I approached the artist - coming out of a very much justified hiatus - that I proffered my question of the Drowess and was rewarded with her true identity as Nathandra Barrlurd. Rich and remarkable, her nature is intriguing and it's my hope to see more of her, as we may, in the future too. Also, my utmost thanks to the artist for being so accommodating and insightful as regards my questions about their potent Elfin warrior. 

Drowess by RiskyGraphics  Drowess Warrior by LovelyDagger  Commission - Drowess by Sayael Comm Drowess Warrior by DarkerEve

Devin & Shadow Mistress

Symbiotic and associated changes work potently to enthrall; the mingling and bonding processes inspiring many questions over identity, and it is here that one :iconsymbiotemasklover: turned their attention. Their story, "Mask of Shadows", concerns the diligent, but stressed and very much depleted life of a college student named Devin. Into her life there happens to come a mysterious package bearing a particularly striking visor mask, and with an even more enigmatic message from her would be benefactors. Donning it, she undergoes a dramatic transformation; remade in the image of a catsuit clad, richly bodied form which promises effortless vitality where her former self would simply struggle, powerless.

Mask of Shadows - Devin by AraghenXD

Newly gifted in her nature, Shadow Mistress finds her benefactors to be a mysterious body known as "The Council of Shadows", though their ultimate purpose in providing such power to her remains as yet unclear. An interesting and inspired concept - so well realized above by the talents of :iconaraghenxd: and below by :iconsummerbrush: - Devin and SM make for a intriguing duo, and it would be interesting to see how such a nascent concept develops, if given the time and opportunity.

Mature Content

Mischievous Shadow Mask 1 by summerbrush

Mature Content

Mischievous Shadow Mask 2 by summerbrush

Mature Content

Mischievous Shadow Mask 3 by summerbrush

Mature Content

Mischievous Shadow Mask 4 by summerbrush

Lora Trigger

A character I only very recently encountered and was quite taken with her rugged and vivid nature. Envisioned by the talents of :iconleon4989:, Lora is colored by a difficult - if one was to be liberal - past which has seen her fashioned into a strong, potent if problematic fighter in the urban valleys of Los Angeles. Seemingly relieved of that world by her brother, it could be that even a new city and home may do little to change her ambitions - though perhaps a better world may inform better, brighter choices for Lora, come time... A vibrant and compelling character who quite quickly took me into her world and nature, I would be happy to see her evolve, and where this enigmatic woman may go, in time.

Mature Content

(My OC Lora Trigger) Lora's training day by Leon4989
 OC Lora Trigger full view by Leon4989 Old piece of OC Lora Tirgger by Leon4989 Info page: OC Lora Trigger by Leon4989

Jennifer Welch & Gloria Hyde

Characters hailing from the rich continuity fashioned by one :iconsephzero:, Jennifer Welch and her alter-ego in Gloria Hyde are fairly recent additions to a spectrum of characters informed by a conflicted nature. Seemingly the latest individual to understand the incredible potency of the Hyde formula, and its iterations, Jennifer Welch's whim was rewarded with larger than life consequences - or at least her own, in a way. 

Profile - Jennifer Welch and Gloria Hyde by Sephzero

An agent to celebrities, Jennifer's diligent and discreet work can be a challenging and occasionally thankless task; burdens all too well understood by the mild, but gently bitter brunette as she labored to keep her clients in good standing. A chance encounter with occult forces presented her with Dr. Henry Jekyll's legacy and, on an indulgent whim, she drank back the concoction. Who and what emerged from the mild, repressed life of Jennifer Welch would ultimately become Gloria Hyde: a vain glorious and ebullient blonde amazon invested with super strength. 

Jennifer's Secret Temptation - ShoNuff44 by Sephzero Gloria's Full Exposure - ShoNuff44 by Sephzero

Liberated from the life of her former self, Gloria enjoys being the center of the glamorous throng and is more than willing to use her vast strength, even beyond her amazonian stature, to make room for herself - and whether others agree with her wants or not. Making quite an impression in some corners of the social and occult scenes, the destiny of the brunette and the blonde is still very much an open question. Though, in a sense, it will be far more exciting than it once was, as Jennifer will coolly conclude, some of the time.

Jennifer's Explosive Change - DarkerEve by Sephzero 

Mature Content

Jennifer's Sexy Changes DVD - DesingAHV by Sephzero

Midori & The Mask

Some may know of the "The Mask" franchise - strange, eclectic adventures revolving around a reputed relic of the Norse trickster god Loki which precipitates startling, but always liberating transformations in those who fatefully don the enchanted artifact. This premise was taken up by the dexterous and inventive :iconmaskedwander:, as we shall see... 

Character Sheet - Midori by MaskedWander

In this case, we find the person and life of a girl named Midori: diligent, talented but somewhat frustrated and awkward in her college career. Her life beyond her major of art not always echoing the color and vitality she finds on the page, the chance discovery of a certain, ostensibly ancient face piece sparked her curiosity. Growing more discerning of its true nature, she fancied that it could be just the thing to revolutionize her life. This it did, though the nascent and sharp duality that followed were perhaps not quite part of the plan...

Midori Madness - A different shade of Green 01 by MaskedWander Careful what you wish for by MaskedWander 

The transformation birthing a manic, shadowy and deviously mischievous alter-ego also calling herself Midori - albeit green faced - prompts a new duality in her once whole self as Midori struggles to resolve the powerful caprice of her other self and thrash a path in a now more complicated world. I would personally like to thank MW for his often intriguing insights and welcome as regards their curious tale of the college student, and their maniacal green faced alter-ego, as the evolution of these two has been a fascinating, colorful process to see unfold, for all concerned. Compelling and vibrant, I hope to see more of Midori and Masked Midori in the future, as can be.

Midori Madness -A different shade of Green 2 and 3 by MaskedWanderHijacked! by MaskedWanderMidori's Unsuccessful Mask Removal by MaskedWander

The Sorceress Meredith

A first glance the tall, eclectic and robust Meredith Gallagher would not look out of place among the peers of a magical guild or school, though what may surprise is that this powerful, playful sorceress is the queen of a subterranean Goblin kingdom. Another fine character rising from the imagination of :icondarksora501:, Meredith is amicable, curious and generally amenable as both a magic wielder and monarch, though this doesn't preclude a firm resolve when necessary and mischief when she indulges her penchant for potions and sensual size warping. An interesting, singular character who I sincerely hope to see more of in the future.

The Sorceress Meredith by DarkSora501 Pokemons at the witch's grasp! by DarkSora501


Zoe Richards & Perversion

Making this "Myriad Portraits" a symbiotic double bill on this occasion, we find the more playful, mischievous person of Zoe Richards; her bonding fashioning the singular, symbiotic identity of Perversion, as created by :iconaraghenxd:.

Under the Lainston Lights by AraghenXD Symbiote September Day 13 by AraghenXD

Bonding with Zoe over some years, the symbiote - so named after it began to assimilate her eclectic, mischievous tastes and outlook - Zoe and Perversion make for a intriguing and very compelling duo who bring a certain strong, vibrant levity to a narrative world often overshadowed by darker events and crisis. Quite possibly one of the strongest - perhaps even intimate - bonds I have seen of this kind, Perversion (singular identity) is a nature which resolves themselves in a potent power and dexterous nature. Always interesting and compelling, it's a pleasure to consider both Zoe and her symbiote here as we conclude this feature.

 The Ironic Hobby by AraghenXD 

Mature Content

Closer to One by general-sci
 The First Meeting by AraghenXD Zoe Richards Reference by AraghenXD

I hope that this has been an engaging and interesting exhibition for you, and that it has raised the profile of some very compelling characters in turn, as well.

Thank you,



United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Favourite style of art: Art Nouveau

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