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Hi there,

As a good many seemed to have noted, my birthday was yesterday - the 25th of August - and I can genuinely say I was touched with the singular, very much unexpected response from the community here, and from the wider dA institution as a whole. I am very, very grateful and moved by the kindness, generosity and consideration showed by so many over the past few days; so much so that I would like to afford some recognition in return and, though a day later, shine some light on the comings and goings which have punctuated the last few days.

In all, I can certainly say that, of so many birthdays, this has been among the busiest and certainly eventful. From being taken on surprise, come Sunday, to a nice lake side restaurant with family - it necessitating a fairly scenic drive through hilly country side - it definitely caught me off guard, and was a genuinely nice, compelling trip; the return likewise as the late summer sun cast a rich ambiance, which I had not seen when home for quite a while. My B-day was quiet and relaxed, for which I have many thanks, and today was spent becoming accustomed to a few new improvements to my circumstances; things which don't really merit discussion, but which have, and should hopefully continue to, broaden a few horizons, here and there.

Here, on dA, I would like to take the time to thank with the utmost sincerity those who lent themselves to the occasion, and to all those friends, watchers and fans who gave that day such a nice spice to it.

To all those who sent such kind wishes, you have my thanks and your words did raise a smile; a simple and yet warming gift which often surprises when given. You all have my warmest regards and thanks for both your interest and thought =).

Thinking now of those who prepared gifts, you all have my gratitude and sincere commendations; so much so that I would like to proffer a brief exhibition of surprising and very compelling pieces which appeared on my radar, around yesterday. In order of advent, they are below for the interested.

Commissioned by a friend in :iconstrangerataru: and by the pen of :iconmarauder6272: we have a girl's night out, but one with a supernatural difference.

Tiger and Dragon: A Night Out - Marauder6272 by Strangerataru

 Lily Coleman (Tiger alter-ego) & Vires (alter-ego of Bianca Fournier)

Respectively, the alter-ego's of two human woman, Lily and Vires have much in common, even if they seem very much contrasted and disparate; the lively, luminous tiger girl affording a little spice to the cooler, more aloof she-dragon as fate seems to have made them partners for what should be a very interesting night on the town - both supernatural amazons seeming variously struck by some idea for fun, in their respective natures. Of course, it will remain to be seen if their former selves feel the same way once they are restored in the morning...

:iconstrangerataru: has my thanks for not only shining some light on Bianca/Vires and their situation, though also pairing her with such an apt and remarkable partner in Lily, the tiger girl - the ambient scene having such a singular voice as to encourage a smile when I consider this, time and again.

Thinking now, :iconsephzero:, known so much for his work with the world of duality and alter-egos, has considered my very own tale of Jekyll and Hyde in Crimson Beyond Glass, and more precisely the central figures of one Dr. Henia L. Jekyll and her alchemically precipitated alter-ego in Ms. Sienna Hyde.

Birthday Gift - Dr. Henia Jekyll - Seonidas by Sephzero    Birthday Gift - Ms. Sienna Hyde - Seonidas by Sephzero

         Dr. Henia Louise Jekyll                               Ms. Sienna Hyde

In this vision of the good doctor and her other self, as fashioned through the vivid, ambient art of :iconseonidas:, we find that Henia, so inconspicuous by day, has been drawn to again sip her remarkable formula of transcendental medicine; this critical action spurring an alchemical transformation as Dr. Jekyll is remade - her other self, so liberated from that nature and life, arising again as Ms. Sienna Hyde greets the night, with her customary vigor.

Both :iconsephzero: and :iconseonidas: have my sincere thanks for these remarkable works and I can remark that it was truly a spellbinding moment to consider both selves so remarkable realized - more so for the time and consideration taken to accomplish them.

Also, I would very much like to thank and commend a certain friend of mine in :icongeviene81:, who I have known for a while now and with whom I collaborate over our shared project in Jekyll's Jade. But, here, he seems to have returned to my red headed Hyde with a growing, and inventive talent as the recently transformed Sienna seems intrigued; teasingly proffering a particular look for those willing to entertain her whims...

Miss Sienna Hyde barefeet by geviene81

This remarkable work accomplished through the use of imaginative, and quite remarkable, techniques is a singular, piqued effort for which I am very much grateful and certainly compelled by too. :icongeviene81: a remarkable and particular creative entity themselves, I am thankful that my characters continue to inspire them, and to take such unexpected, rich avenues in their art too. As always, they have my warm thanks.

In all, those here and elsewhere did really give a nice colour to what was a interesting and reflective day for myself. As always, my sincere thanks to those who afford the singular interest and curiosity to what I do, and I hope that you continue to feel so inclined in the future. I am glad that you felt so to make yourselves part of my day =).

Until later, my thanks



United Kingdom
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Mercury-Pentacle Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Hi again. My thanks for your kind wishes, as they are very much appreciated. As always, my utmost appreciation for your hard work, and I will be intrigued as to what might bare fruit, come time :thanks: =).
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