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Hi there,

I continue to hope that you and yours are well as winter makes it mark and the festive season - or some likeness of it - draws our attentions evermore as December trots on.

In doing so, in what has become something of an annual event, we find what is now the sixth anniversary of my series "Crimson Beyond Glass". The ongoing and strange (mis)adventures of a certain Doctor Henia Louise Jekyll and her crimson haired, indulgent alter-ego by the name of Ms. Sienna Hyde. Their various exploits and deeds explored among the stories of "Crimson Beyond Glass", it has been now more than six years since the concept started, tentatively in 2008, and has since become something of a signature franchise for myself, here on dA.

Admittedly, in the more immediate past, the pace of the series has slowed as something of an important junction is reached in its narrative, I remain always very grateful for the support, well wishes and commendations so afforded by the dA community and those intimates who have been such good friends in the years since I arrived on dA. It has been, and continues to be, a remarkable experience for which all those here have my gratitude and commendation, in turn.

Though with some days now since the more classical date of the anniversary (6th Dec.), I have come to appreciate a more liberal approach to this time of the year, and consider that a portion of time can be spent on the occasion; this instance drawing from past experience and that overburdening oneself often leads to less productivity than you would like.

Additionally, it will be my pleasure to present a number of other works, both familiar and not, which I think will be a nice compliment to this arc of CBG. Forgiving my brevity here, though these works and the compliment of CBG will hopefully be self-evident once ready and more when presented in a forthcoming journal.

Still, going on, I would like to open a period of consideration for "Crimson Beyond Glass", this more measured than previous updates as to avoid congestion and confusion. In this, we will find the conclusion of the now enduring "Umbra Mihi" arc - more so as Henia and Sienna encounter their most troublesome, dangerous problem yet in a mysterious beauty, strange coincidences and odd happenings about the city of Fahrland. The once small, set world of the supernatural opening as her occult career grows, Henia Jekyll may as yet find herself impelled to strange, new vistas; if not simply by this dubious new presence, then by the means necessary to confront it - means which will prompt a ready, fascinated Sienna Hyde into action. Though, if this is so, does this reflect more darkly on the doctor and her alter-ego than it could on their enemy? Time may tell...

Please find the current three parts of "Crimson Beyond Glass: Umbra Mihi" below - Parts One, Two, Three and Four successively.

      Crimson Beyond Glass. 2 by Mercury-Pentacle 

     Crimson Beyond Glass: Umbra Mihi

      CBG: Umbra Mihi - Part 1

      CBG: Umbra Mihi - Part 2

      CBG: Umbra Mihi - Part 3

      CBG: Umbra Mihi - Part 4


Fiction Commissions?

More so, in addition to this annual occasion, I have been considering a number of personal issues, of late, and, as first prompted in my journal of June 11th ( Special Journal Two: Written/Prose Commissions? ), I may consider a window of commission writing: albeit an experimental phase and with a limited number of places and fiction types open for work.

Keeping in mind that all and any potential customers or interested parties will have to negotiate prices in British (UK) Pound Sterling, and that there will be a fairly strict process by which all and any works are purchased to discourage impropriety.

Please find an example of a commission type below: the first part of a wider two part project completed for a client in early 2013.

The story, "The Legend of Pale Hill" (Part One), can be considered an element of a "Portrait" type story commission - as outlined in the June 11th journal - with other types delineated in the journal itself, which can be found above.

The Legend of Pale Hill (Part 1)This story is a commissioned work, arranged though agreement between parties on devintArt.Com; commissioner, (redacted), and the commissioned, Mercury-Pentacle. Ownership is negotiated with Mercury-Pentacle, writer, being creator of the proceeding story, places and characters, while (redacted) may chose to develop and dispose of them at their own discretion (28/05/13).
The Legend of Pale Hill
Part One
If a curious eye and intent where to find California, the so named “Golden State” upon the western seaboard of the U.S.A, the measure of coast between the scenic vistas of San Francisco, to the north, and the bustling heat of Los Angeles, in the south, is varied and remarked upon, even if shadowed by more distinguished seats of population. It is here that we find, facing the sea, the county of Santa Cruz; so north of Monterrey and south of Santa Clara and San Mateo. More so, going north east amid the higher, arid hills

I hope that this may stir some interest and please feel free to contact me, as you like, if you have some interest or questions, per say.

My thanks again and see you soon,



United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Favourite style of art: Art Nouveau

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